Femme Tee
Femme Tee
Femme Tee
Femme Tee

Femme Tee

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Feeling femme and fabulous? Toss on this tee, and strut your stuff.

Made from 100% organic cotton jersey. Made in Los Angeles, CA.

Size chart

You’re fly AF

Whatever size you are, which is why we offer our collection of comfy, eye-grabbing apparel in a wide range of sizes. Forget the BS and frills. We just wanna help you wear stuff that fits great and makes you kiss that mirror. And with crazy-awesome clothes like these, you’re gonna need more than one mirror to kiss.

SuperShe US Sizing Bust Waist
XS 0 31-32 23-24
S 2-4 33-34 25-26
M 6-8 35-36 27-28
L 10-12 37-39 29-31
XL 14 40-42 32-34
2XL 18 44-47 36-39
3XL 20 48-50 40-42
4XL 22-24 50-53 43-45

We’re living on the same earth as you,

so we’ve got a vested interest in keeping our little blue-and-green marble running for as long as possible. That’s why all our products are super sustainable.

What does that mean exactly? All SuperShe clothing is made with recycled, 100% GMO-free, fair-traded materials in California by awesome people who are ensured living wages, fair treatment, and fair conditions. Our manufacturer supports family farms and uses only the eco-friendliest ingredients: recycled cotton, organic cotton, vegetable dye, recycled plastic, eucalyptus, and hemp. So enjoy your shopping spree while Mama Nature gives you a high five.

Our candles are lit AF.

Not only because they’re cool and quality, but also because they’re hella sustainable. They’re handmade in Brooklyn, New York from a mineral wax and soy blend with fragrance oils that give off a crazy-good, long-lasting scent. The company is run by Chrissy Fichtl, an awesome entrepreneur who created a business out of her passion. How much more SuperShe does it get?


Our skincare is made by a SuperShe and a wonderful group of people on the Big Island, Hawai’i. Our products are certified organic, 100% natural, paraben free, cruelty free, non-GMO, and wildcrafted. We can’t promise you they’ll fix all your problems, but they look and feel like a dang dream.